Defending the Dales

A comrade falls

The abomination before him screamed and dropped, and Beleg looked up from his bow. There was no joy, of course- the terrible thud of the fallen stone had seen to that- but he could hear great sighs of relief from those around him. Glancing from face to face he noted there the weariness mixed with satisfaction, and something else: grief. All were not here, he realized, and glancing about he saw the fallen form of his friend, Bjarngrim.
Rushing to his side he saw the ruined face, bloody and beaten; the bone laid bare in several places, the eyes unseeing rimmed in blood. He blanched but did not weep, not yet. Though heavy indeed was his heart he knew not all was lost- Bjarngrim need not be gone forever. The means to heal him would be difficult and arduous to obtain, but not, Beleg decided firmly, impossible.
Resolved, he looked about for a riderless horse. Finding one not far away he calmed the nervous animal with words in his father’s tongue and led it back to his fallen comrade. A young soldier in Lord Ilmeth’s army helped him lift the heavy, terrible mess that had been his friend onto the back of the horse. He threw his blanket over it and tied it firmly.

With $5,000 worth of diamonds Beleg could find a cleric, one who could restore the fled soul of Bjarngrim back to this lonely corpse and make it whole and hale again. But what chance did he have, really? Many men had lost their friends today, and many would be seeking both diamonds and clerics. The nearest town, two days away, held neither.
But he had to try.
Farther afield there were other towns, larger towns like the great cities of Sembia. Surely he could find what he sought there, especially if he left now before other men came to the same conclusion. He had perhaps a week, 10 days until this course was lost to him, but Beleg Adanethel could range very far in seven days.
His hope was renewed- Beleg was a man who felt better with a firm plan. Others, especially human folk, thought of him as a rootless drifter. But Beleg always knew where he was going and what he planned to do when he got there.

Now to the matter of the $5,000 (perhaps more, he thought, who knew what this war would do to the diamond economy?). Scanning the field, he located Bertram and decided to talk to the well-heeled wizard. He was from Sembia, after all. Perhaps he could help.
It was worth a shot, and Beleg lived for a good shot.



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