Defending the Dales

A Letter to the Primarch, Olivertes Rauthingild

Sire, as requested I am taking a moment to give you an account as to the deeds and actions of your son. Master Bertram continues to impress upon those in Lord Ilmeth’s army his great aptitude of presenting his true nature to those around him without any concern that most here are probably unfamiliar with the Rauthingild name or legacy. As you are aware, this unique… talent… typically has the effect of rebuffing those around him, however, it seems he has managed to place himself close to Lord Ilmeth with whom he counsels with almost daily.

Indeed, Master Bertram has surprised me on a number of occasions as to his perseverance to life in the rough, as he phrases it. I had assumed that after a couple of nights on the road that the young master would have a change of heart but he seems quite invigorated lately with the anticipation of the looming battle.

I hesitate to write this, but as you instructed me to give you examples of how he comported himself I shall do so. One evening the young master verbally harangued one of the camp laborers for the rough handling of the master’s baggage from his pack mule, embarrassing the poor man in front of his peers and making him the subject of many jokes. I was worried what might have come out of it as those lads can be somewhat coarse and I was trying to mentally tally everything we had brought because I knew things would end up missing.

However, later that evening, Master Bertram tracked down this same man and accosted him at his own camp. Raising his voice so that all around could hear, Master Bertram proclaimed that, “those who serve House Rauthingild, even in the slightest of ways, shall not be permitted to eat camp rations!” And so, that evening Master Bertram had dinner with a Mister Pip who enjoyed the mater’s dinner of roast capon with mushroom and garlic sauce. Of course, the young master made a point to sit up wind from the poor fellow and kept a perfumed neckerchief close by, but he certainly came across as a gracious host. I’m not sure if this Mister Pip was more uncomfortable in drinking the spiced wine from the master’s own horn or by sitting on your great uncles decorated camp chairs but an impression was made.

So, as you see, the young master seems relatively oblivious to the social conventions in which he was raised under. While this may ease things while he is on the road, I dread to imagine who he might invite to court should he ever return to Sembia and ever consider attending.

Lastly, as we are on the verge of battle here at the Standing Stones, Master Bertram seems at ease. He seems very confident in the looming battle with the Drow and I can only fear for his safety. He’s directed me to the medical tents, informing me that my skill in being firmly planted on the ground can only benefit the wounded by keeping the injured contained so the doctors may administer their talents.

Indubitably, your servant,

Sedgewick von Sanq

The Rauthingild family are not truly royalty though they tend to act as such. The head of the family has taken the title of Primarch for several generations now. This title is typically passed down thru the male line though there is evidence of the titular head of the family being female and even married into. Holding ‘court’ is what the family refers to as formal dinners which are meant to impress visitors, ambassadors and trade capitalists of the family’s power and influence. On a side note, Bertram has never willingly attended ‘court’. He finds such guests to which he refers to as,“fluffed up peacocks” a bore and both his family and himself are quite comfortable with his absence.



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