Defending the Dales

Battle of the Stone Part I

As the scouting party withdrew back to the army’s lurking place, they became aware of an urgent discussion happening between Lord Ilmeth and his highest advisors. As they approached, they picked up on that fact that communication had happened through some magical device informing them that the elven party across on the other side of the valley was ready to attack he Drow, and they had an elite force ready to fall upon the drow clerics and wizards perpetrating what ever foul rite being performed on the Standing Stone. But to ensure the squad would not have to waste it energies on the drow’s horde, they needed Lord Ilmeth’s army and the rest of the Elven forces to engage the evil army and keep its attention on them.

The army marched to the edge of the dark plain and slowly stepped forward from the protection of the forest. The plain was only meagerly lit by the smallest sliver of moon, and none of the enmy were in sight. The men of the army could barely see a few feet from their own faces and the elves only slightly farther. They had to abide by the warnings of the handful of dwarves among them and pulled short when they were informed that a host of terrible beings lurked behind wooden barriers just a few lengths ahead. Some of the lesser mages touched light spells to arrows and they were shot out over the horde’s head, causing the night creatures there to shy from the light. Unfortunately, many of the denizens of the dark places have the ability to throw darkness at will, and the light of the arrows was quickly snuffed out by a flood of mystical darkness. But even though it wrecked the army’s night-vision, the moment of light allowed the mages to see the barriers arrayed before them, and they let fly a volley of fire that struck the wood and lit it on fire. Emboldened by the light, the army rushed forward to engage.

Beleg began to let arrows fly at the enemy, picking out drow magi to try and destroy the mystical support of the defenders. River summoned a Thoqqua, a great fire-worm that charged the barrier and began burning its way through the barriers. Bertram Rauthingild cast a huge ball of fire over the wall and burned many of the enemy with its flame, and weakened still more sections of the barrier. Bjarngrim roared his battlecry and smashed into the weakened barrier, smashing through it to lay into the enemy beyond. Ranger and Druid flung spells of entalgement, causing roots and plants to reach from the ground and entangle the drow and their allies.

But the drow forces were not to be outdone so easily. Quickly they dispelled the magical entanglements and magic light burned across the plain and tore into the Lord Ilmeth’s army. A wave of despair fell upon them, toxic clouds fell among the human men and made them kneel and retch. Darkness and fog sprung up intermittently before the wall, obscuring the drow from the view of the human and elven archers and magi. and the men were only given the strength to carry on by the courageous songs of the bard Alyia. Their clerics summoned giant spiders to slow the attack of the men, and their ogres and trolls were out-fitted with long staves and axes to sweep the men from the barrier with deadly effect. Great spider-riding drow through lightning into the army, slaying many and wounding more.

Across the field, lights and darkness flared and bolts of fire , electricity, and arcane light flew as the elven forces joined in the battle. Elven bards sang their battle song to give heart over the spine-chilling chants of the clerics of Lolth.

As one of the ogres smashed his ax down on the thoqqua, almost splitting it in twain, Bertram dropped glitterdust and fireball upon the enemy, blinding and burning with magic. Bjarngrim hewed into the nearest of the Ogres, but a voice in his head told him to flee, and he did so without hesitation. It was only by the quick intervention of River that the spell on him was destroyed, and Bjarngrim tried to regain the front of the battle. As he drew up close the the barrier again, he saw shades of mist and darkness in the form of men step forward into view.



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