Defending the Dales

Into the Escape Tunnels

Secretly trying to infiltrate the Necromancer's Tower

The sound of the whistling arrow rose up over forest and hill, mingling with the early morning birdsong. The adventurers crouched for many intense moments waiting for the Orcs to stream from gates and capture them. But no alert seemed to have been raised. With the crawling sensation of the Orc presence itching between their shoulder-blades the companions began to search for the entrance to the tower’s escape tunnel. Finally after an hour of high strung creeping and poking, Beleg discovered the entrance hidden in a small crack and overgrown with weeds and brambles. They crept into the caverns and Beleg lit his Bulls-Eye lantern, careful to keep its light as minimal as possible to prevent discovery. Beleg, being the most adept at avoiding discovery spent a next few hours creeping painfully slowly ahead in the dark. The cavern was un-hewn and rough, and often barely passable in places. It meandered in about, with no real sidepassages except the occasional short crack in the walls.

After a half mile or so of creeping in the dark, he came upon a dead body, wearing the rotted remains of a suit of mail. The body was devoid of flesh, but the bones were resting upon their back with the skull looking up towards the ceiling. The dead man’s sword and effects were gone. At this point, Beleg decided to return back and collect his companions. The return and coming again with the rest of the companions was faster this time as Beleg did not have to concentrate on being slow and could cast his lantern light farther. Once they were clustered around the dead man, Beleg shuttered his lantern again and pressed forward, leading by a short length from of the companions, he crept through the darkness.

Another high strung time passed in almost total darkness, when finally Beleg discovered a hole in the path before him. The hole was dressed in stone and opened well beyond the light provided by his lantern. As his companions slowly coalesced behind him, Beleg opened his lantern’s light to extend into the room as far as it would go, but still the far walls remained in darkness. Sticking his head into the room, Beleg discovered that the center of the room, previously hidden by the angle of the incline, arced up to the center, from which hung a large chandelier of what seemed to be twisted black metal. He lowered himself into the room by use of a rope, but when he placed a foot on the floor, the chandelier suddenly burst alight with flames, casting the room in a warm orange glow. The party began to climb down the twenty or so feet to the floor, but Alyia and Woda fell and lightly injured themselves.

After getting up, they investigated the chamber more thoroughly. They discovered on each of the four walls was a door and a passageway leading off into the darkness. Or so they assumed. Two of the doors had rotted off of their hinges and they could see the dark corridor beyond, but the other two doors had twisted over time and jammed into their door frames. In the corners of the room were some busted up old rotted benches, and to one side of the room, a raised dinner-table sized pedestal of stone rose several feet from the floor. Beleg studied the stone pedestal, but could find no signs of residue that might imply its function.

Moving to the nearest blocked doorway, Bjarngrim tore the jammed door from its hinges with his massive arms and looked into the corridor beyond. The walls were dressed stone, an no sign of any recent use could be made out by Beleg. The ranger stepped forward over the ruined door, when the chandelier flame burst brighter, and the corridor filled with a sheet of flame, almost singing him terribly. The group moved over to the other stuck door and repeated the same process. Once again, when someone tried to pass over the threshhold, the flames above burned birght and the doorway filled with flames. They went to one of the doorways with broken doors and made to step over the threshhold, and once again the brightness and the doorway filled with fire.

Beleg had the idea then to place the broken door in the passageway to block the flames and then step through into the corridor. Testing it quickly, the solution worked, and Beleg quickly passed over the threshold, but the flames began to eat through the door panel and the last of the party to pass got themselves slightly singed.

The passage beyond continued for a short way, then turned, went on, turned again, went on , and finally after a long hallway, they came to the base of a set of stairs making its way upwards into darkness. They went up, then encountered a turning of the stair, and then up again, another turn to the right, up and turn, up and turn. They began to notice bunch of stains upon the stair, and when Beleg investigated, determined that they were due to some large poisonous insect. Shortly after this revelation, Bjarngrim, who had taken the fore, was assaulted by a small swarm of poisonous insects. Between Bjarngrim’s incredible axe-work and Beleg’s amazing bowmanship, they quickly slew the swarm and continued up the stair. They noticed that the walls and step were getting a bit more moist, and moss was starting to become evident on the stone. When they reached the top of the stair, they came upon a small room containing only a small mossy well almost full to the rim with water. But Beleg determined that this room had in fact seen recent use and the group readied themselves for imminent attack. They were not to be disappointed, as Beleg heard a chamber full of Hobgoblins just down a short side passage.

The party crept up to the edge of the hall before they might be seen. Unfortunately, they did not manage to not be heard, and the Hobgoblins turned over their tables and hunkered behind them. Beleg sent in a few arrows, but since the Hobgoblins had almost complete coverage, it was not going to be a final situation. Bjarngrim charged up the hall to engage the Hobs, but a couple of the Hobgoblins met him at the doorway and stopped him from fully entering. A very intense melee began, with Bjarngrim holding the hallway, while Beleg and Alyia sent a storm of arrows into the melee, doing horrible damages even while managing to not shoot Bjarngrim. Bjarngrim was smashing Hobgoblins with his huge axe, and River summoned a flaming Thoqqua in the midst of the Hobgoblins behind the table to keep them busy and unable to try and over-whelm Bjarngrim. Woda came out into the fray to help Bjarngrim who was even with his ferocious fighting raging taking a number of small cuts that eventually would have brought him down. Finally, even the leader of the Hobgoblins had to throw himself into the fray, but even the great monster could not defy them. As Woda lay some final healing prayers on Bjarngrim, the fighting stilled as the last of the enemies were slain.



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