Defending the Dales

When last we left our heroes, they had spoken to the great wizard Elminster. After an exciting bout of trying to get the wizard’s attention, the party finally just tried to enter the premises, which subjected them to the tower’s wizardly defenses. As the party fell into a spell that kept their consciousness’ trapped in a series of very believable life experiences, Alyia, the Bard managed to keep her head and was able to confront the wizard’s servant when he came to deal with the bodies. After some excellent conversational cajoling, she finally convinces the servant to introduce her to Elminster himself. They had a lovely conversation while the others were slowly coming out of the spell they were under and finally the party was able to ask Elminster to resurrect their deceased companion, Bjorn. After the resurrection, Elminster expressed to them that he had some inkling of their quest and confirmed that the tower on the hill where they had encountered signs of Ork raiders was indeed under the influence of a very skilled Necromancer. The tower was guarded around its base by a wall inhabited several hundred Orks. Elminster told them that they would find some other possibilities for assaulting the tower in the historical archives of Shadowdale the capital of the Shadowdale.



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