Defending the Dales


Apparently orks do have a use for tables, who would have believed it. Of course, their use was to use them as barriers and obstruct our passage. I have been beginning to get a sense for what this group of adventurers is lacking and that is self confidence. I’ve seen them at their best, in battle with the Drow and they are certainly capable but some coordination and advance strategy is needed, I think.

We need to counter the inability of fighting in the dark if we are to continue to but up against Drow and Necromancers. I’ll have to design a few select fire arrows for Beleg to have at the ready so that I can target the light from a distance. A surprise fireball behind a makeshift barrier should surprise our foes severely. Also, for as much effort as we put into raising our Dwarven companion, he certainly seems like he is dead set on putting himself back into the earth. While that might be fine, I and a good few others put a fair amount of funds into seeing him risen and I’ll be damned if he will allow himself to die and then be raised as a servant of the Necromancer we are failing to sneak up on. It may be wiser to keep him on a more defensive line since this group’s abilities tend to be oriented more towards support than it is a physically offensive one… this option needs more consideration, I think.

Our party is surprisingly on the weaker side. We’ve only one front line fighter and though capable, does not present our foes with a line of offense to say the least. We should maybe put our efforts into making our feral and very vicious Halfling quicker and possibly give her the ability to turn invisible so that she can get behind some of our foes and flank them between her and the dwarf but as long as the combat arena is in an open area, I don’t see this as being achievable. Another option would be to keep my Enlarge Person spell to cast on Sloane so that she could fill in and help Bjarngrim keep the vermin off of me while I control the battlefield.

Our talents seem to be better suited to ranged combat but if the terrain or arena doesn’t present us with this option then we will certainly have to concentrate more on speed and guile to keep our opponents of guard. Ghost Sounds could be used to confuse and throw off enemy spell casters if they happen to believe that they are being flanked by more adventurers or soldiers. Yet another tactic we should try and see what the success could be.

When we next have an opportunity I’ll suggest that we hire a few cohorts to assist our dwarf on the front lines. Of course the party will probably lean on my input since they are probably not familiar to the interviewing of employees. One or two strong jaws might just be what gets us moving.



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