Defending the Dales

As the army merges and mobilizes to aid the Elves in their efforts to stop the sinister plan of the Drow, they are harassed by spider-riding Drow knights in the forest, men being brought down by poison arrows from the darkness. The harassment continued until night fell and the army hastily erected camp spread across several hill-tops. In the night, the army was woken every few hours by various creatures, Dire Badgers, Giant Spiders, and others that were driven into the camp to stir the army from its sleep and prevent Lord Ilmeth‘s wizards from getting the rest they needed to replenish their magic. During the day as they traveled, the army stumbled into shallow pit traps filled with poison spikes that whittled away from the army’s strength and slowed their step to a pace that allowed to them to test the ground before them. Lord Ilmeth commanded that the army travel in a thinner column to reduce its foot-print in hopes to encounter fewer of the traps and reduce the area that his rangers needed to check for danger. Roving bands of archers escorted the army’s perimeter to try and thwart the harassment of the Drow archers.

On the second day, a thick fog filled the forest, obscuring everything a few meters away. One of Ilmeth’s attendant wizards, a young Sembian named Bertram Rauthingild, determined that the fog was not magical in nature and probably not a trick of their enemy’s, and though it heightened the the risk of people getting separated and lost from the army, it also made it difficult for the drow to keep up their attacks.

After marching throughout the morning, Beleg was contacted by one of the elven rangers, Milohel they were trying to aid and informed that they were needed by this evening on the field of battle. The ranger informed them of a alternative route through the forest that the drow had not had time to seed with traps and would bring them quicker to their destination. After getting directions from the elf, Beleg informed the lord of this opportunity, and Ilmeth asked him to lead the army upon this path.

Following the directions of the elven rangers, Beleg brought them to the new route, a small valley with a stream at its middle that wended its way down through the hills north of their previous path. The fog lift, allowing them to make even better time and soon the army was making much better time to its destination. But a they came close to the end of the valley, the ranger returned and notified Beleg that two small groups of drow had gotten a handful of Ogres to haul logs and stones to the tops of the ridges and had positioned themselves to hurl the huge objects down upon the army as it passed by.

Beleg and his companions volunteered to try and disable the traps or at least the drow and ogres to prevent this. They were assisted magically by the help of the Sembian, Bertram. They travelled in two groups, a stealthier first group made of the elven ranger, the ranger Beleg, the bard Alyia, and the druidess River. Following them at a distance where their poor stealth would not spoil the ambush came the wizard, Bjarngrim the Berzerker, and Xunanein hand of Elistraee.

When they had gotten close enough to view their targets, closer than they would have liked as the trees impaired the vision of anyone even a score of meters apart. But their hopes for surpise were dashed as they discovered their enemies set and waiting for them. Three huge ogre’s rushed at them through the trees while a handful of drow waited behind shields. Coolly, Beleg fired arrows into the right ogre and commanded her wolf to attack it. Beleg’s attacks were so masterful that the ogre was all but slain by that first attack. The middle ogre engaged Milohel, but River summons a Thoqqua, a large fire worm behind it and it was quickly flanked and distracted from its target. The thoqqua slammed at the ogre’s back with its burning head and terribly bashed and bruised the ogre’s flesh. The first ogre smashed at Beleg’s wolf-friend, terribly wounding it as the second turned and brought his large club down upon the thoqqua with a terrible blow. The last smash down on Milohel’s shoulder causing the elf great pain. Beleg loosed two more arrows and finished off the first ogre as Bjarngrim and Xunenein rushed to help them. But Xunen’s clumsiness and the un-even ground caused Xunen to fall to the ground. Bertram spoke some arcane words and missiles of energy flashed across the distance between the mage and the last ogre, causing furrows of burned flesh across its chest. The second ogre smashed at the thoqqua again, but as he destroyed the elemental, Beleg and Bjarngrim destroyed him with axe and arrow. The last ogre was struck by lightning called by River, and fled..placing enough trees between himself and his enemies that they could not continue to strike him.

Advancing, the discovered that the drow had also fled the field, abandoning their trap to the party. After a few heals for the elf ranger and Beleg’s wolf-friend, the party went back up the hill a ways and then crossed down through the small valley and up onto the other ridge where they
tried to sneak up on the other drow ambush. But the drow had already abandoned this plan and all that was found was a pile of rocks.

As they scrambled back down to the creek-bed, Ilmeth’s army marched down to meet them. As night fell, they following the guidance of Milohel, and crossed several more ridges to the east until they came close to the Standing Stone. The rangers crept up to the tree-line where they could see the cleared area around the Stone, but the night and the dark prevented them from seeing anything of the drow’s presence. In the distance, they could just make out the surface of the Standing Stone, it white surface gleaming in the weak moonlight. Occasionally something or some things passed between them and the stone causing it to momentarily wink out of view. Returning to Lord Ilmeth, they deliberated on what to do. Ilmeth and his magicians argued that the army and the wizards needed to get rest before they could engage the enemy, but Milohel insisted that the drow would do something this very night, because of the alignment of the planets. At the very least, they needed to coordinate their attack with the elven army, but the elves were on the other side of the field from them and two miles of night-darkened and drow-infested forest stood between them.

The party began to plan their next move.


Very nice, I hope I didn’t over extend my rights by including an entry from Bertram’s point of view. It merely presents things from his perspective and helps me flesh out his personality.

The Road to War

Not at all. I appreciate the added involvement. It all enhances the game!

The Road to War

Excellent, both of you. Thanks for writing this… although I gotta say Bertram is going to annoy Beleg ;)

The Road to War

Well, Bertram’s Journal entries are undoubtedly private and unlikely to be open for general perusal. This just allows me to fluff his attitude and nature a bit. He doesn’t see himself as an ass, he just a bit self centered and tends to see things in a very logical and utilitarian point of view. No doubt, he and Beleg are unlikely to share the same opinions about what the party/host is doing but that’s just more flavor for the pot!

The Road to War

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