Defending the Dales

Why won't you die!

As the battle raged on, the army noticed that the ranks of enemy combatant seemed to be thinning. Finally the enemy did not seem endless as before.
Lord Ilmeth‘s cavalry were chomping at the bit to get the chance to ride death upon the horde. They chided the foot soldiers for taking too long to remove the barrier. A command to widen the hole by dragging away sections of the palisade resulted in a surge of Dalemen risking life and limb to make room for the charge of horsemen. But the palisade was cleared enough for the horsemen to ride in.
Forward they charged, as the Drow and their allies struggle to get out of the way of the charging horsemen. Drow and Troll and Ogre alike were smashed by the horses hooves, knocked down by the horse’s shoulders and driven screaming before the cavalry. It looked like the cavalry could really bring the battle around.
Then the first line of horses approached a shadowy figure at the edge of the firelight. Without warning the front horses screamed and panicked, even though the war-horses had trained not to be frightened by any mortal thing. But the charge was in full forward motion, and the panicked horses and their riders were crashed into from the horsemen behind, and a huge number of the calvary and mount tumbled to the ground, being kicked and stomped by their horses. All but a few of the horses fled away from the battle, leaving broken and dazed riders behind them on the ground moaning and groaning. The drow and trolls and ogres fell upon them, but even though the foot soldier rushed to their aid, a terrible toll was paid in cavalry lives.
Bertram Rauthingild quickly found himself without any remaining spells for fighting with and only had some things to help himself escape remaining in his available repertoire. He instead turned to trying to give guidance and to the army in whatever way he could conceive. Upon his suggestion, some men lit some bottles of oil and threw them toward the palisade in hopes that they would provide light as the current sources were becoming extinguished or running out of fuel. River drew down lightning and threw it at some of the trolls that currently harried Bjarngrim and Xunanein. Beleg and Alyia aided the line wherever possible, dropping arrow after arrow into the enemy line.
The battle continued, and it looked as though the men of the dales would overcome their opponents, but then the dark shadow floated forward though some eerie lights Bertram had places on the field. It approached the surging mass of dalemen trying to break though the line and let out a terrible moan. The dalemen screamed and placed their hands over their ears. Their bodies froze in fear and their strength and resilience was sapped from their limbs. Some resisted, but the terrible sound crippled many of the dalemen near the shade. Acting on advice from Alyia, Beleg used his magic bow to send an arrow at the shade and the vile thing screamed in pain. It approached the two bowmen and altered its form in a terrible flare of screaming and ghastly shapeshifting, all who were within a large circle of the shade felt their souls torn and their limbs weakened and their bellies heaved up any food they had eaten earlier. Many men fell to their knees at misery and fear the creature expelled. Beleg felt the terror wash over him and weaken him greatly, but gritted his teeth against the pain and fear and lined his bow for another shot.



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